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TAG Engineering has been providing general contracting services for several years and has come a long way to symbolize commitment, distinction and professional excellence by meeting the stringent, demanding and extra ordinary work requirements of the clients. The ever increasing efforts towards attaining better and new business ventures have exposed the company to multitude of engineering disciplines. Now it is company’s prerogative to be working in Infrastructure, Industrial, Housing, and Environmental areas other than its strong standing in industrial projects for Power, Chemicals, Petro Chemicals, Roads, Motorways and Buildings.

TAG Engineering boasts and claims to have a reputation of company delivering the projects ahead of schedule. This has consolidated trust and confidence with our business entrepreneur. The repetition of orders we have been getting from the clients is a touchstone of their reliance in TAG Engineering and clear emblem of the comfort extended by us. TAG Engineering enjoys the reputation of being a trend setter and has earned a respect and reputation of being most recognized name in the market. Today we stand tall and firm over the strong foundation of reputation and trust with a high value and numbers of human and electromechanical resources which give us a distinctive edge over the competitors in the market.

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